Dr Lara Croft with manatee x-rayInspiring others to help ocean life was one of the major reasons I started my blog.

Doctor Lara Croft with orphan manatee

This has been a record year in the number of orphaned manatee calves we've received for rehabilitation.  Manatee calves and moms have really tight bonds, if a calf is seen without a mom around for several hours it's very likely that calf has been orphaned.

Sea turtle in CT scanner

CT, or computed tomography, is an amazing tool for a veterinarian. CT is a procedure that uses a computer to process images for enhanced imaging.  This enables cross-sectional images of various body parts and fascinating 3-D views.

Baby polar bear cubs nestle with their mother

One of the cutest things on the planet is a white, fluffy baby polar bear.  Unfortunately, polar bears are classified as a threatened species in the US and a species of special concern in Russia and Canada.   

Sea Turtle

There are six species of sea turtles found in US waters and all are endangered.  Sea turtles encounter a variety of problems that require them to be rescued.

Manatee and calf

Manatees are beautiful, docile creatures but are endangered and face many difficulties for survival. They can be found in nearshore habitats: rivers, canals, or shallow areas of the ocean.